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How Google Can Help You Be at the TOP

Do you want to top Google search results for queries on your subject? Then you can’t do without these Google services.

8 Pillars of Technical Website Optimization

In this article we will talk about existing pillars of technical website optimization and how not to spend all your efforts in vain on the way to the TOP.

Text Optimization

One of the main reasons why a website appears on a search engine results page for this or that query is relevance (compliance) of the page’s text to the query. It is obvious as the key reason why a user could type this keyword is desire to find a website with the matching content. Further we will study on-page optimization in more detail.

Study: How Important Are Links for Google?

The leading analytics consultant of Moz Tom Capper has shared some results of the study devoted to the role of links in Google’s ranking and, therefore, SEO.

How Links Impact Site Rankings

Since search engines refine their algorithms, the variable's impact on the ranking, such as backlinks environment, the quantity and quality of the backlinks, has been changed overtime. We decided to figure out how the Google policy changed.

SEO Backlinks: How to Invest Backlinks Budget in the Most Efficient Way

Backlinks are probably the most expensive line in the website promotion budget. Roughly almost half of the budget goes to the backlinks. Thus, the main headache of the optimizer is "finding services to reduce these costs".